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How Does A Search Engine Really Work?

Before looking into the methods to increase your brands Google Ranking, it is crucial to understand the “why and how” of the search engines. These online tools are simply searching services supplied to us by companies like Google, Microsoft, and 50 other companies across the globe.

These searching services operate by traversing and remembering (or indexing) website data, images, and pretty much all the information provided. There are these bits of code called robots or better yet know as web crawlers. They filter through the web looking for websites and the data held within. As these bots’ or web crawlers sift through info, they begin to harvest and store details in massive data centers around the globe. This technique gives the search engines the abilities to quickly identify & show all types of websites.  When you, the user, type in a search in the search bar of a browser.

With as many websites as there are grains of sand on a beach, How do you get found?

There are billions and billions of websites and pages, so coders have written algorithms that kick into action when you search. In the end, you get information that you were looking for. These programs prioritize relevance and popularity when providing the results of the search on the search engine results page.

“Your ultimate goal in today’s world, when thinking about your path to proper SEO, should be driving your website’s popularity and providing relevance to your information on these pages so your web presence begins to shine, and people can find your message or brand.”

Please understand that search engines and these web crawlers look at websites in a much different way than you do. Search engines & crawlers are truly looking at your websites text and coding. This means that the SEO tags and page titles, URLs, and meta data that may not be central to your users’ experience are extremely important.

How to improve your site’s SEO

Keep in mind you must commit to growing and building an online presence. You must simply be able to understand what these web crawlers are looking for. Additionally, what else you can do to make yourself or your brand visible on the internet? This is not an easy task. Therefore, we suggest you sit down with a consultant from Faceless Technologies to go over your business audit. This will give you a FREE opportunity to really dive into what you may or may not need to be focusing on.

The Real Bottom Line

We get asked all the time…. How do we track our SEO? Well, there are several platforms, programs, and online tools that will help you plan and track your SEO campaigns. The first step is to simply Google your business / brand or keywords and phrases that you have used and physically see if your company / brand appears on the results page and where. This is called… you guessed it, physical testing. Going beyond this type of testing you can utilize some of the tools listed below.

Some Tools to HELP

Keyword relevance, site speed and determining whether your site is mobile friendly. These are some great tests that you can use to determine if you are on the right path to a successful SEO campaign.

  • Keyword Planner – With this online tool, analyzing and planning your keywords is never easier. Don’t have an Google AdWords’ account or don’t want to set one up? That is ok, you can access your Google account, click “skip this guided setup”. During the AdWords setup and then turn your attention to the Keyword Planner.
  • PageSpeed Insights – PageSpeed Insights is a great way to analyze a website’s load speed on all types of devices. This tool also gives you “possible optimizations” for how to increase your page ranking and scores. Be careful, these are only “suggestions”.
  • Mobile-Friendly test – Being mobile friendly is absolutely a necessary component to the SEO campaign. Google has publicly made it clear that any non-mobile ready site will not even be listed in the search results as of 2017. So, make sure your site is mobile friendly.

You MUST consider your SEO to be successful in today’s network driven world. Don’t believe me, try and see. Experience in the years of business at a Full-Service Marketing Firm has given light to all the people and brands that thought their business was above this rule, fall into closure. By driving website traffic, you will increase sales and push you brand into the future. By ignoring this common fact of today’s market place, you will ultimately fail. An online presence is something to be accomplished over time. So, start with these tips and tools in this blog, and give us a call to determine what the best next step is for your business.

Marketing may be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Reach out to us for some consultation and education. You never know what you may learn next. Call 1-800-357-1299 or Shoot us a Message Here.

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