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Social Media Behaviors and Challenges in 2018 (Part 2)

In the last post, we discussed the changing landscape of social media in 2018. Other businesses are integrating new tactics into their campaigns such as social listening tools and customizable chatbots. Take note, as your business depends on keeping up with trends in social media and social selling. In this section, we are going in-depth and looking at some of the challenges and consumer behaviors that you may be facing ahead.

Social Media Challenges in 2018

Amongst the growth and potential of social media, there are a few challenges ahead on the horizon. There are a few major roadblocks in the way that may stunt growth. When it comes to planning your social media strategy, the key to avoiding any potholes is always be looking ahead for them.

Declining Organic Reach

There is currently one major challenge that are currently facing social media: Finding Sustainable solutions to organic reach. One of the biggest challenges that brands face is that organic reach on Facebook will continue to shrink. Organic placement on Facebook’s newsfeed is no longer going to be sustainable. Since there is an increased content competition, average engagement on Facebook content are failing. One of the best solutions to boost engagement? Video content. Video content last year reached 12.05% of total pages audiences, just ahead of photos and status.

Over-Segmentation Of Social Video Ads

2018 is going to be a big year for video content. While there is no question about the importance of video content, there is the impending issue of too much video content. At this point, your brands NEEDS to be integrating video content into your social media campaigns. 46% of brands are already implementing video content into their campaigns while another 26% is going to be planning on implementing it in 2018.

Fatigue From New Tools And Tactics

A Hootsuite survey found that companies are getting “fatigue” from new tools and tactics. 40% of companies say that developing content for specific social platforms caused it difficulty to be successful. Keeping up with new trends, developments, tools and tactics takes an exhaustive amount of time and energy. If you are taking away focus from other aspects of your business, it’s time to hire a full-service marketing firm who is equipped to handle the workload for you.

Social Media Behaviors Are Changing

Nearly Everyone is On Social Media

As of 2018, it seems like everyone and their mother can be found on at least one social network. Statistically, almost every internet user can be now reached via social media. According to GlobalWebIndex’s study of 50 thousand internet users aged 16-64, almost every internet user can now be reached via social media. 98% of internet users say they’re visiting or using social networks each month.

Social Media Will Continue To Expand For Brands

The behemoth of social media will continue to expand in the future. Social media will continue to be a ground source for brands and products. During a study of global internet users aged 16-64, GlobalWebIndex found that 28% of users turned to social networks during their online product search. In 2018, social media will be a key aspect of the purchasing process.

Consumers Are Skipping Search Engines

For the first time ever, consumers are skipping search engines and going straight to social media to find what they are looking for. In North America alone, 58% of users are already skipping search engines to go straight to social media. In Europe, a whopping 60% is choosing search engines over social media. For 2018, your brands social media strategy needs to be on point and ready for an influx of consumers who are using social media in the searching process.

Social media in 2018 is going through several massive shifts. will continue to expand for brands and present opportunities for you to grow your brand, improve customer service and strengthen your online presence. Our team at Faceless has grown many social media accounts and developed and executed campaigns with impact.

Faceless Technologies can be your “go-to” marketing firm that you can depend on to give you the best results and greatest return on investment (ROI) on social media.  Reach out to Faceless Technologies for some consultation & education. You never know what you may learn next. Call 1-800-357-1299 or Shoot us a Message Here.

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