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Marketing for the Brain

Marketing to the Brain

Knowing how the human mind processes information and images, and putting that knowledge to use, can help you become a more engaging and effective at your marketing stradigies.

Scientists in a new field of research are trying to figure out how our preferences affect the decisions we make. This means that hard facts are coming to light that point our control over people may be stronger than we believe. Read more


5 Essential Tips for Web Presence in 2017

Let’s play a game. Go to the Google search engine and type the name of your business. What are the results that appear? Is your business easy to find or is it drowning in a sea of other businesses? Do your customers find you or your competitors? Does your business even appear on Google? In 2017, web presence is ESSENTIAL to business, which cannot stay afloat without it. Believe it or not, 70% of the links clicked on by search users are actually organic. This is why SEO is key to business, because if your business doesn’t appear, who is going to see it other than you? There are a few steps you can take to boost your business’s web presence and visibility.

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What’s The Difference Between Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics?

A graphic walks into the bar and asks “Hey baby what’s your type”?

Graphics files come in different types, which have different uses in the computer graphics world. It can be very confusing to remember all the different graphics file types when looking through your graphic work. It’s important to understand the difference between vector and raster graphics if you are going to make decisions on the artwork for your business. The goal is to ensure that your business’s photos and graphics look the best it can. Also, it will smooth things out when you are sharing and editing files between you and your graphic designer.

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Does The Client Get Native/Mastered/Layered Files?

It’s a reckless world filled with legalese out there (that’s our disclaimer “talk to an attorney if you need cast-in-stone advice”), but this should give you a basic understanding of what you get when you purchase a design from us, and what you don’t get . . . and most importantly, how to ultimately get what you NEED. Below is a FAQ about native/mastered/layered files.